Who We Are

Averity is in the PEOPLE business!  100% of our clients are people. 100% of our candidates are people.  Human beings are not buzzwords!  People hire people; not buzzwords, acronyms, letters, and numbers.  No one has ever offered the job to a resume or a test score.  People interview people and hire the best PERSON for the job!  We are the team of people that understands this.

Our technology recruiting teams are highly specialized in GO/Python Web Engineering, Data Science and Data Engineering, DevOps, and Security.  We are genuine, intelligent and authentic.  People are the life of the recruiting industry and are truly irreplaceable. Technology Recruiting in New York requires human communication and collaboration with people on what they WANT and NEED as people!  

Averity is a collaborative, supportive, and respectful environment comprised of diverse people from different backgrounds and perspectives.  These differences, combined with a team attitude and open communication, are what lead us to innovation and an unparalleled experience offered to everyone we interact with.

Our Purpose: Provide an unparalleled experience to everyone we interact with.

Our Mission: The best company to work for in New York

Our Philosophy: Teamwork!  We believe in communication and collaboration.  Together Everyone Achieves More  

We are a technology recruitment firm in New York.  We specialize in Full Time and Contract recruiting in technology.  We have been widely recognized as one of the best technology recruiting firms in New York and certified as a Great Place to Work!

Our Team