The Best Place to Work in NYC

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How Averity is Raising the Bar on NY Work Culture

By Robin LoRé

What’s so special about working for Averity? As it turns out, just about everything. “Great to work for” is probably not what most people expect to hear about the average Midtown Manhattan-based recruiting outfit. But Averity isn’t your average firm.

Chris Allaire is out to change the way you feel about recruitment. Recruiters, particularly in New York City, have earned a well deserved bad reputation from companies and candidates alike over the last decade. Shady practices powered by greed and lack of ethics quickly turned what was once a beneficial service into a cut-throat industry that soured perceptions on both sides of the middle.

After 15 years in the industry, Chris knew it was time for a positive change. In 2014, he founded and started Averity, hired his now VP Matt Stabile and together they built a humanistic, people focused, boutique tech recruitment firm in Manhattan. According to key staff, people are the priority there. Clients and candidates alike are the stars, and both get equal attention. The company was founded on the principles of providing an unparalleled experience, an amazing work culture, teamwork, communication, collaboration, and unshakeable ethics. The culture is so good, in fact, that the company was recently Great Place to Work certified.

Great Place certification is detailed and goes deep into comparative data to give a full view of how a company stacks up against others in similar industries. Averity’s feedback from employees is 100% positive, which, in itself, is a pretty big deal, but their goals are much broader than that.

The ultimate prize for CEO Chris, VPs Matt and Alex, manager John, and Talent Lead Danny is to be nothing short of “The best company to work for in NY.” Goals don’t get much more ambitious than that folks, especially given the sheer number of businesses that exist in Manhattan alone. This challenge does not deter the enthusiasm of this team in the least. They are so humbly sure that they will not only achieve that goal, but will do so quickly and easily, that their certainty is contagious.

So, according to key employees of Averity, what is it that makes this place, this CEO and his VPs so fantastic that every single employee voted them, and it, number one? Here are the main, unanimous, reasons why people joined Averity, why they stay, and what makes them rate the company so highly:

  • The Commitment to Service. The entire team is devoted to giving all of their clients and candidates the best possible experiences. They have a united, cooperative mission to ensure that every person has a positive experience with them, whether or not a placement is made. There is also a strong community service commitment; employees happily participate in giving back to the community they work in.
  • The gen-U-osity. Chris coined the term “gen-U-osity” to describe the genuine care and concern he and his leadership team have for every person that crosses their paths.
  • The support. Multiple team members say that the support they feel there is far beyond anything experienced in any previous role. Employees know with complete certainty that leadership and their colleagues have their back, “no matter what.”
  • The “walk-the-walk” ethics. Everyone said that Averity’s ethical viewpoints were not just lip service but real action, true-to-life values that every person on the team shares in common. VP Alex Dubovey felt so strongly about the impeccable ethics--that so well aligned to his own--that he was inspired to leave his own profitable firm to work with Chris and Matt.
  • The passion. There is genuine love and comradery amongst all the team members, including leadership. Everyone is rowing in the same direction. They all have the same burning fire in the belly---to achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients and candidates and to be the best place to work in all of New York.
  • Oh, yeah, and there’s perks too. The company also provides rewards for success and hard work, opportunities for career advancement, on-site massages, team building outings, guided meditation, gym time, flexible work/life balance, and importantly, self accountability over micro-management.

The time is now for the technology recruiting industry to change its ways. The old way of doing business doesn’t bode well with evolving attitudes about work culture, life, and client service management. Averity is the pioneer of this positive change movement, they are setting the standard of excellence for all others to follow.

Want to a part of the awesome Averity team? You’re in luck, they’re hiring, check them out.

If commitment to outstanding service, integrity, smart, honest teamwork, and pride in building the best recruitment business in New York interests you, Averity may be your perfect fit.