The Averity Fund 2018 Tech Kids Unlimited Fundraiser

Five people holding a giant check for the Averity Fund

Tech Kids Unlimited, a NYC-educational technology not-for-profit which helps teach computational thinking and tech skills to students ages 7 to 21 with special needs, received a generous check of $22,000 on Sunday, January 27, 2019. The check was from The Averity Fund set up by Averity, a leading NYC technology recruiter. This past October, Averity announced that in its fourth quarter of 2018, The Averity Fund would donate $1,000 to Tech Kids’ Unlimited for every client placement. The money raised by the Fund will be going toward financial aid for TKU students.

“We wanted to do something that has a massive impact, something bigger than us,” said Chris Allaire, President of Averity. When the opportunity to start The Averity Fund came about, Allaire, who has two kids of his own, knew he wanted to invest in the future. Allaire and the Vice President of Averity, Alex Dubovoy, who is also a father, brainstormed ways in which they could give back to the community. With a close family member who is diagnosed on the autism spectrum, Dubovoy optimized his search for an organization invested in both tech and helping kids with learning and emotional challenges. He ultimately came across TKU and the rest is history! (Read Alex’s story here).

The Averity team paid a visit to TKU’s Sunday workshops on January 27 to present the big check. Averity was founded in 2014 with the intention of creating an alternative kind of staffing and recruitment system in the tech world.

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