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Yelp Reviews for Averity

  •   Averity kept me well informed from initial contact to actual hiring.  They were very professional and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend their services.

    thumb Patti T.
  •   I worked with Matt at Averity, who lined me up with a new job that I love and have been happily at for several months now. In a notoriously difficult and stressful process of finding and interviewing for a new role, Matt was consistently a cool and calming presence, and just a total pleasure to deal with. Along with being clearly very organized and detail-oriented, he ensured that I was prepared as much as possible for each step of the process, which instilled the confidence needed to land the role.

    I could not thank Matt and his team at Averity enough, and would recommend them to anyone looking for their dream job!

    thumb Alex B.
  •   I got my current full time job through Averity. They were great with everything from setting up the interviews, to following up with both parties. The company I work for was my first choice in my job search, and Matt and his team did a great job in communicating that to the decision makers, thus landing me the job. Great experience all around!

    thumb Green S.
  •   I have used Chris and his team as a client and as a hiring manager. They are on point on both sides of the coin. They know what they are good at, have deep connections in the industry, and go beyond the candidate's resume to really understand who they are without wasting the client's time.

    Most importantly, they listen and adjust very flexibly, something very difficult to find in the industry.

    For a small, efficient team, they surely know how to close the deals effectively and match the right candidates to the right jobs.  

    I would recommend Averity to anyone that fits their focus.

    thumb Manish S.
  •   Averity truly stands out from the often-frustrating recruiter field. As a software developer I get lots of emails and messages on Linkedin from recruiters and delete most of them immediately because it's clear they are carpet-bombing the industry with low-effort canned messages. My experience with Averity was the exact opposite - right from the outset it was clear that they are  interested, engaged, dedicated, talented and have your best interest at heart.

    I got a great job through Averity - but more than that: I got honest advice from them that resonated soundly with my own personal career goals and interests. Their combination of professionalism and down-to-earth approach makes it really easy and fun to build a relationship with them that works to benefit both parties.

    I can't recommend these people enough! They're certainly doing the recruiting thing RIGHT and stand to shake up their competitors in New York.

    thumb Vinney C.
  •   Matt from Averity was fantastic to work with. He kept me updated during the entire interview and hiring process and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and Averity to anyone. They're the nicest and least stressful recruiters I have ever encountered.

    thumb corey k.
  •   The quality of Averity's communications and candidates has meant that I will consistently respond to their messages and take their candidates seriously -- something I can't say for just about any other tech recruiter in New York.

    thumb Matt H.
  •   I recently started at a job that I got through Averity, and I am very impressed with the quality of their work and the service they provide. Having been on the applicant side, I can't speak to the level of their service with the hiring clients, but I can't speak more highly about the support and down-to-earth, no-nonsense professionalism my contact at Averity provided throughout the application, interview, and negotiation process.

    I initially applied to a different job posted by them, but was notified by Matt about the current job that I'm in now, and which was a bit of a surprise, as I am in something of a career change. But it couldn't have been a better fit, and I am quite excited to be starting with the new job. On speaking with with my new employers, they seem equally impressed by the quality of service delivered by Averity. Top-notch people, and would absolutely recommend their service!

    thumb TC K.

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