A child, Alex, holds up his painted hands.

The Decision to Make a Difference: Averity & TKU

My name is Alex Dubovoy. I’m a partner at Averity, a tech recruiter for the past 20 years, and someone who values family above all things. My family and I immigrated to the United States in 1979 from the Soviet Union, and grew up in poverty in Brooklyn, NY. We were homeless when we first arrived in the country and finally got “on our feet” when a family who didn’t even know us decided to help. Without their random act of kindness, there is a good chance we would not have survived. I’ve never forgotten that, and never will.

Fast forward about 40 years. I’ve worked hard to be successful, but not a day goes by that I don’t think about how fortunate I am to be in this position. I joined Averity for many reasons, but first and foremost, our team shares a core belief in giving back to the community. We all come from a place of hard work, gratitude, and kindness to others.

Though I love my job, I also love my family.

A close family member of mine was diagnosed with Autism several years ago. There is a stigma attached to that word, and I was genuinely concerned. I was afraid about his future. What would his job be? Would he have a great career path? I had no idea where to go for help in understanding what Autism meant. Fortunately, my family had the resources to provide services and advocacy for him to be where he is now. I continue to be grateful for the many people that have helped all of us along the way.

I’m delighted that he has progressed so quickly that maybe one wouldn’t even guess he is on the spectrum. Though he has always been a “low-support” child, his introduction to technology has made a huge difference in his growth. He has a great understanding of Computer Science and I really believe technology has improved his life. His passion, strength, and resiliency continue to  impress me every time we speak.

When the team at Averity started discussing how we could give back to the community, I asked if I could take the lead in finding a partner. There are no “wrong choices” when one picks a cause to support, but this was personal and an amazing opportunity for me to share my story and give back.

I couldn’t be more excited about our new partnership with the non-profit Tech Kids Unlimited. TKU helps children and teens get a “leg up” by teaching them advanced software engineering that would make most college kids’ heads spin. TKU is New York-based and is four years old, just like Averity. TKU is a place that I would have loved to send my loved one. For families like mine, who can afford the costs, TKU is an amazing investment in someone’s future. But what about the families who don’t have the resources? How many children with Autism live in poverty like I did when I arrived in the United States? What happens to those kids? They’re at a significant disadvantage when they don’t have to be. We can make a difference, and we will.

I’m happy to announce that during the fourth quarter of 2018, the newly formed Averity Fund will donate $1,000 to TKU for every new hire that starts from our placement with a client, helping to create financial scholarships for students to attend TKU workshops (50% of TKU students need financial scholarships). Additional funds will allow TKU to purchase more computers and continue to hire the best educators that teach students who learn differently. My close family, friends, and colleagues at Averity are very proud to partner with TKU as they continue to make a difference in children’s lives. I challenge anyone reading this to change someone’s life forever.

Please join us in supporting TKU by helping us reach our Q4 fundraising goal. You can find out more information about TKU at