March Newsletter: The Data Team is Hiring!

Screenshot of the March newsletter

I’m extremely excited to announce that the Averity Data Science and Engineering team is growing! Last week we welcomed the addition of our fourth member to the team, Ross Goldfarb. With the number of new clients we have brought on this year alone, he couldn’t have joined us any quicker!

For those of you not familiar with our team structure, we are a lot different from other technical recruiters. We truly work as a team. When we speak to a candidate or a client, we work together to get that person a job or that role filled — we don’t compete with each other.

In other words, when you speak to a member of our team, you are leveraging the network of the entire team, not just the particular recruiter you are working with. This is how we have grown (and continue to grow) into the top data recruiting team in New York City.

Our Highlighted Jobs

Data Science Roles

NLP Data Scientist (Media) $150k – $180k

Data Scientist – Alternative Data $130k – $150k

• Director of Data Science (Startup) $175k – $225k

•  Lead Data Scientist ($200K+) $175k – $230k

Data Engineering Roles

Data Engineer – Publishing $120k – $150k

• Senior Forward Deployed Engineer – Tech Startup $85k – $125k

Hands-On Data Engineering Manager (Startup) $150k – $165k

Data Engineer (Spark/Scala/Big Data) $130k – $180k