What Do I Think About Amazon’s Move to Long Island City?

NYC downtown

Everyone that finds out I live in Long Island City asks me my thoughts on Amazon’s announcement about their new headquarters here in the neighborhood. When I put my hat on as a technical recruiter, my answer is pretty simple: I think it’s great. Anything that expands and diversifies the technology sector here in New York City is a boon to our economy and to the health of the industry.

Will Amazon pull candidates from other companies to join their forces? Probably, but they will be attracting a majority of their new hires from other regions, which means the talent pool in New York will expand.

Will they make it more difficult for companies in New York to hire qualified technical talent? Maybe, but this may simply mean companies here in New York will need to focus even more on what it takes to attract the best talent, which not only means increasing compensation, but also focusing on technology investment, flexible work environments, and other fringe benefits, which in the end, will benefit workers.

In the end, it’s a confirmation that New York City is in fact one of the world’s centers for technology, and will continue to grow in importance.

Is your company ready for this? Are you prepared as a hiring manager to do what it takes to compete in this landscape? If you haven’t thought about this yet, it’s time to start before it’s too late.